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  You Deserve The Best

A healthy lifestyle starts with making a commitment to yourself.

   ***  Book me in as your Personal Therapist to get you there.

     * We will identify your needs to better Health & Wellbeing.

     * Together we will blend a productive plan that fits your current lifestyle,

        that sets you up feeling in control & achieving milestones.

We can always find excuses, but eventually what goes around

will come around, so take back control of  YOU & put yourself

back on top of the list & back in the drivers seat!

Are you moving forward into the direction that you want to be going?

Regular Self Care not only keeps you on track, it supports all of you, it draws the best out of you &

helps you to be consistent so you can reach your potential each & every day.

 * This life is meant to be enjoyed & filled with greatness.

    * * Expect nothing less than what you deserve.

      * * * Lets get Started Today.

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A Bit About Me

Growing up I was never really a confident person, I was very shy & people skills were not my thing.  I wasn’t that great at school work, lacked highly in concentration, mucked up a lot & just never seemed to fit in.  But I did love sport.  I always poured my heart & soul into it & played as much as I could in & out of school.  Funnily enough, when I left school, all I’ve done since is go back to study, go figure.  But the study has been in the areas of interest to me.  I became a Fitness Instructor 24 years ago, putting in over 20-30 hours a week, on top of working full-time in office administration roles.

Over the years playing Tennis, Basketball, Netball, Badminton, doing Swimming, Running, Boxing, Martial Arts, Obstacle Courses, watching Cricket, Football, Boxing & all sorts of sports has helped me personally cope with being a happier & healthier human being.  It’s just what I’m passionate about, what I love to do & where I love to encourage others to incorporate into their lives as well.  Mental Health plays a huge role in our Communities, more than ever these days & we are no stranger to it in our household.  I know how much better I feel within myself by having a routine, getting my body moving, feeling that motivation build & wanting to do more really helps me to deal with every day stuff.  So by helping others to want to feel good about themselves & feeling like they matter & are an important part of what we all are, it makes me one very happy & privileged person to be part of that journey. 

Continuing on my path of being in the Health & Fitness Industry for over 24 years allows me to offer a broad range of treatments & healing.  Having a beautiful blend of Therapies that compliment each other supports my drive, passion & direction of who I am.  The things I’ve worked hard to achieve are being a

Remedial Massage Therapist, 

Emmett Practitioner,

Personal and Master Trainer,

Gym/Group Fitness/Aquatics Instructor

- blending Reiki, SFEF Kinesiology, doTERRA Oils & life experiences.

I am lucky to be raising three amazing girls who teach me a lot about the person I am & the person I want to be.  I want them to look at me & see that life is a magical, beautiful, fun & an opportunistic place to learn, grow, experience & share.  But also to be real & honest, that life is not all fun & games, high & lows can really test your character & challenges can push you close to the edge.  Within that, I want them to know how important Self Care is, what that means & looks like & how they too might be able to help uplift, support & guide others when in need.

The Beach is my thing, my place of recharge, rebalance, resetting.  It teaches me so much about life, how turbulent & volatile yet calm & serene it can be.  The Ocean shows me to go with the flow, to rest when tired, to pursue when energised & how important the exchange of Energy & Balance go hand in hand.

I extend my Love & Healing to you wherever you are.  I hope we get to meet & that I might be that piece of the puzzle you have been looking for, that perfect fit of being part of your Health & Wellbeing Team & to show you how incredibly amazing you are & bring out the very best in you.



About: About Me
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