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Look at the BIG Picture

As we grapple with finding a sense of normal, grounding & some stability in our lives after so much turmoil these last few years, it sure is a struggle to keep

momentum, motivation and spirits high.

Our world as we once knew it doesn't seem to exist and uncertainty is just there...

The unknown can put you in a place that activates something inside you that you don't know how to explain or even understand.  You are thrown into a state of fight or flight, you are reacting to everything around you. each day just rolls into one another and before you know it your habits, lifestyle or even your ideas just don't seem to have any direction, drive or purpose.



Checking-In with YOURSELF each day is a great START.  How are you feeling in this moment?

What are your current eating & drinking habits?

Are you getting any regular exercise?

What are your sleeping patterns like?

What movement is your body getting?

What thoughts are you thinking?  What words are you expressing?

What are you listening to or watching on TV & social media?

Do you have a Routine?

Are you getting any vitamin D aka Sunshine?

Are you getting fresh air?

What are you doing with your time?

If you're working from home, are you having regular breaks?

All this plus more counts towards your overall Mental Health, Wellbeing and Sanity.

Regardless of whether you are new to the world of health and wellbeing or a seasoned expert,

there’s always something we can learn and share from one another.

Together let's re-priorities ourselves, start being more aware of our choices and make the choices that we are choosing be worthy of your energy and time for a more centred, empowered and happier YOU.

I hope I can help put a Smile on your Face, a Spring in your Step or plant a new seed for Brilliance.

Remember to Forget Average - Be Fearless

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