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6 great moves to stay active when working at home

1. Move. Set a Timer. Every hour get up & move. Go down the hallway, walk to the mailbox, walk to the furtherest room of the house/unit. Your body is like plasticine & it will mould overtime to your habits. Keep those tight shoulders, neck & lower back pain, headaches & arm soreness at bay.

2. Stretch. Every half hour stretch your Body. Move your neck, open up your chest, reach both arms out to the sides, roll your shoulders, open/close your jaw, squeeze/open your eyes, twist your body to stretch your spine. Reach & touch 6 different things on your desk.

3. Fresh Air. Walk outside & get some fresh air into your lungs. Breathe in through your nose count for 4 & out your mouth count for 4, do this 6 times. This is not only what our body needs to survive, it helps to calm our mind, it relaxes our muscles that are using energy all the time even just for sitting, it transports fresh blood to our organs & it supports our immune system. Plants are also a great addition for your Oxygen uptake & sensory gratification.

4. Hydrate. Get up & pour yourself a glass of fresh water. You can incorporate this when you get up to move your body. Keeping well hydrated will keep your brain focused, curbs overeating & helps cleanse your body.

5. Disconnect. Remove yourself for a few minutes, where possible, from the task that you are doing. Allow your brain to re-charge, re-focus & re-centre. Burnout creeps up on you, especially when you are not paying attention.

6. Cross Crawl. Always one of my favourites. Stand up, touch hand to opposite knee & swap. This will help relax your nervous system, great for balance, right/left brain integration, reduces stress, improves thought pattern & great for distraction & new ideas.

Healthy Habits create Healthy Lives.

Keep moving your body, relax your mind & be kind to yourself.

Healthy Desk Habits

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