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Love a Great Massage - Benefits for You

We all love a good massage or pampering. But what makes a great massage? There are many different styles & types of massage to suit everybody's needs. Every Therapist has their own unique style, tools that they may use like cupping & have experiences that have shaped them to bring the right fit for you. I've always been a hands-on person, empathetic to peoples needs & thrive on helping to make life easier for others.

Combining my knowledge of being a Health & Fitness Instructor/Personal Trainer for over 24 years, along with Remedial Massage, Emmett Therapy, Reiki & Natural Healing Techniques, brings great depth to the variety of age groups with who I work with from Football/Netball Clubs, Runners, Swimmers, Athletes, Tennis Players, Horse Riders, School Groups through to the everyday ailments of pain, inflammation, diseases, chronic pain, injuries, stress & tension.

There are many reasons you might seek a massage, it might be for relaxation, for remedial, for contact, for rehabilitation or for maintenance. It's a very personal journey & when you find the right Therapist, you usually stick with them. The reason being because if they've been treating you for awhile, they know how to treat you, how your body responds & has your history of what works & what doesn't. No two bodies are the same & having your own individual plan is of utmost importance.

Here's Why to Choose Massage & what can it do for you?

- Improves Lymphatic Drainage

- Reduces Inflammation

- Reduces Pain & Discomfort

- Reduces Stress, Anxiety & Irritation

- Increases ability to Focus & Concentrate

- Loosens Tight Muscles

- Stretches Connective Tissue

- Relieves Cramps & Muscle Spasm

- Stimulates Blood Flow & Circulation

- Calms the Nervous System

- Increases Muscle Strength

- Improves Range of Motion & Movement

- Firms up Muscle & Skin Tone

- Speeds up the Healing Process from Injury & Illness

- Brings Balance to the Body

- Allows your Body to Breath, Flow & Rejuvenate

- Improves Sleep & the Quality of Sleep

- Great for Pre & Post Sporting events

Rest is also of great benefit. When our body is at rest, it heals. So getting a good night sleep, at least 7 hours, this is when our body gets to work, without interference, which allows the processes of your adjustment or treatment to bring about better balance & results.

My greatest joy is to be able to help as many people as I can to feel good & treating allows me to do that. If you are looking for your Personal Therapist, contact me today, let's have a chat about how we can put your Body & Mind back on top!

Namaste, Kazz

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