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Tip No. 2 - Immune Support Strategy

Prioritize Good Sleep For Immune Support

Getting poor sleep on a regular basis can lead to increased stress, high inflammation, and lower immunity. Make sleep a priority. Make sure to go to bed and wake up around the same time each day to help your circadian rhythm. Develop a nighttime routine that supports relaxation.

Avoid electronics and instead try board games, reading, relaxing music, crossword puzzles, crafts, coloring, meditation, and journaling. Make sure your bedroom is a safe sanctuary with a comfortable bed, bedding and pillows.

This article & picture is compiled from * I see great value in this information & I hope you too can put some of these into action.

Emmett Lymphatic treatments that we offer at our Clinic are also another great way to support your Immune System & relax the nervous system for a calmer & good nights rest. So if you'd like more information or to book an appointment with Kazz, get in touch today.

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