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Mental Health - Monday Motivation

If you've been feeling a little flat, distant, un-motivated or not quite yourself, let me assure you, you're not on your own. Everything can be quite overwhelming with so much disarray, uncertainty & even be a little scary. But let's see if we can do just one small thing to help shift that momentum...

Well today I'd like to bring to you -" Minute Monday" for your Mental Health on this Motivational Monday. This is where you dedicate just 1 Minute to moving your Body.

Set the Timer & GO..... Put on some motivating music, have a little bit of fun & don't stop moving your body for the whole 1 minute.

Let's keep your mental health flowing well. Moving your body has so many health benefits. What are they you ask? Well the Happy Hormones are released, naturally making us feel good. How clever is our body! It is also a great distraction from any lower moods that we might be feeling. If we can shift our focus for a small period of time, we can break the cycle & more regularly bring in better thoughts. It can also give you energy to want to do more exercising or moving, it will help you to think clearer, it reduces stress, can encourage creativity, improve the quality of your sleep, build stronger bones, want to eat a little healthier, feel more empowered, self awareness & generally feel happier. WOW! That's a lot of great stuff right there... Just from a little bit of activity, who would've thought it could bring so many positives & all this is FREE.

Well, enjoy your Monday & the rest of your week. Move that child like person inside of you & find a reason that today is ok. Namaste :)

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