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Women, Teenage Girls & Hormones

How familiar does this picture relate to you? Do any of these symptoms relate to you?






Foggy Brain



Lack of Concentration


No Energy




Breast Soreness/Tenderness


Taking Medications...

After completing a study with Women & Teenage Girls of various ages, we were able to reduce these symptoms, some quite dramatically, just by applying a gentle, yet very effective & natural technique that will help you to FEEL more relaxed, calmer & back in control.

Power to Women. Healing to Women. Taking back control for Women.

Self Love to Women. Supporting Women. Kudos to all Women. Rising up of all Women.

Being a Woman myself, having 3 sister & raising 3 girls, I have a wide range of experience with what Women can go through & the different stages that can arise. Our body doesn't stop changing or evolving & the older we get, more complications seem to just 'pop up'. Why are we always 'chasing' the dream body & the dream time of perfection?

When do we stop to celebrate our bodies?

How often do we acknowledge how amazing, intricate & magical we are & what our body is capable of doing & what it goes through?

When was the last time you looked in the mirror & thanked your body for getting you to where you are today?

When was the last time you stopped to think about all the things that your body has gone through? Then pay respect to your body for it?

Have you ever treated your body like a Goddess? Queen? Rising Phoenix?

Were you ever taught to respect your body & that your body deserves to be respected?

Were you ever told that your body is a beautifully crafted masterpiece that is perfect just the way it is?

We are more AMAZING, RAW & MYSTICAL than we have ever been taught, shown or guided. Now is the time to step forward into your Power, to own who you are, be proud of what you are & to celebrate in all the goodness that you possess.

Blessings & Namaste, Kazz :)

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