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Jumpstart the New YOU


Upper Back Massage


A Healthier, Happier You

It doesn't matter what job you do, what hobbies you have or what lifestyle you lead, your body can still ache, be in pain or just get out of sorts.  As our body ages, things creep up on us and just doesn't recover or bounce back like it use to.

Your 'style and rhythm' is unique to you and by unlocking it's current holding patterns we will look to improve your overall health and wellbeing.  Our body is like plasticine, when we repeat the same positions daily through work or at play, it moulds and holds onto to those positions and then that becomes the new norm, usually leading to imbalances.

Being in the Health and Fitness Industry for over 24 years allows me to use and blend a combination of therapies:

* Remedial and Swedish Relaxation Massage, Raindrop Technique (using doTERRA Oils)

* Emmett Treatments, Lymphatic and Immune Work

* Cupping, Stretches, Movement, Exercises

* Reiki, Energy Alignment and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)

You can look forward to IMPROVED Immune Function, Sleep, Movement, Quality of Life, Focus, Muscle Tone, Healing, Clarity, Alignment, Blood Flow and Balance .

Dancing Women


Look Good - Feel AMAZING

Health and Wellness is not only about what your body looks like on the outside, but how you FEEL on the inside.  From a teenager through to an older adult, our female body goes through many changes, a lot we cannot see or don't even know about as they happen internally.

Check out this STUDY that I put together targeting the Cycles of Women.  Click the "Female Cycles" tab below to see the results that were very rewarding to all the participants in the study.

We will navigate your ever changing body and mind to find the right balance. Tailoring a plan just for YOU, as well as working in with your all ready on-board support team of other health professionals and together will give you the confidence, empowerment and control you've been looking for.  Let's knock over any obstacles that stand in your way and put you back in the Drivers Seat!

Why wait?

Book me as your Personal Therapist today!

Hand Oil Drop



You have never experienced anything like this....

This Raindrop Massage will leave your Body feeling like it is floating on clouds and give you an Energy Boost like no other!  As the doTERRA essential oils are placed along your spine, drop by drop and placed on your Vitaflex points of the feet, they will be sequenced, feathered and layered to nurture and soothe your Mind, Body and Soul.

Bring back balance into your life that will make you feel FEARLESS, STRONG and PEACEFUL

to take on whatever comes your way!

This is one Treatment that is HIGHLY recommended...

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